Clinical Immunology Center

About the Clinical Immunology Center

  • We evaluate patients with abnormal and unexplained immune-related laboratory findings.
  • We often evaluate patients with primary immune deficiency diseases (PIDD). PIDD are rare conditions caused by a defect of the immune system. PIDD can present in men or women at any age, even if you don't have any family history of it. Patients with PIDD may have unusual infections, infections that recur, and organ-specific or systemic autoimmune diseases.
  • We recommend further evaluation and treatment opportunities.
  • We evaluate autoimmunity and autoimmune manifestations that may be medication-related and recommend treatment options.

Meet Our Clinical Immunology Team

Irina C. Gavanescu Stockton, MD

 Internal Medicine; Rheumatology

Isaac R. Kasper, MD


George C. Tsokos, MD