Bone Marrow Transplants

Patients who have had bone marrow transplants are often hospitalized for several weeks in BIDMC's dedicated inpatient transplant unit. Physical therapists are available on a consultative basis to perform a comprehensive evaluation and establish a care plan to minimize the effects of the extended hospitalization. Physical therapists prescribe exercise and conditioning programs to keep patients strong, modifying these programs according to the patient's performance and medical condition. Physical Therapy Cooperative Program students are available to assist patients with their exercise programs.


Patients with lymphedema experience the build up of fluid in their arms, legs or other parts of their body during their hospitalization. Physical therapy, including manual techniques, therapeutic exercises and the application compression bandages, helps to reduce the edema or swelling caused by the fluid. Therapists also teach patients and their families bandaging techniques, exercises and skin care. Some patients may require the use of additional equipment to control their edema.


Patients who have cancer can present with many different medical conditions that often result in muscle weakness, decreased endurance, loss of balance and an inability to get out of bed and walk. Patients experiencing these difficulties are referred to physical therapy for a comprehensive evaluation and to develop a plan for addressing these issues.