Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery

Image-guided vascular and musculoskeletal procedures

Two neurosurgeons examine an x-ray on a computer monitor.BIDMC's Neurointervention/Endovascular Neurosurgery Center has a regional and national reputation as a leader in neurointerventional procedures. Staffed by interventional neuroradiologists, radiologists, and the technologist, we offer a wide variety of minimally invasive central nervous system-based vascular and musculoskeletal procedures. Our innovative techniques are designed to help you recover faster with minimal discomfort and decreased risk.

Interventional Neuroradiology procedures are performed at BIDMC's Rosenberg Building, West Campus.

Vascular procedures include:

  • emergency stroke therapy
  • intracranial angioplasty
  • carotid and vertebral artery stenting
  • aneurysm coil occlusion
  • embolization for bleedings
  • treatment of vasospasm
  • embolization of tumors or vascular lesions
  • intra-arterial chemotherapy for brain and head and neck tumors
  • temporary test occlusion of vessels
  • permanent vascular occlusion
  • baseline carotid/cerebral angiogram

Musculoskeletal procedures include:

  • vertebroplasty/balloon-assisted kyphoplasty for compression fractures
  • intradiscal nucleoplasty for herniated discs 

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