Neuropsychology Assessment Center

330 Brookline Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: 617-667-4749
Fax: 617-754-8638

Neuropsychological Assessments

neuropsycThe Neuropsychology Assessment Center tests neurocognitive strengths and weaknesses and determines the most appropriate ways to succeed in school, work and daily living. A treatment plan is designed for the patient, psychotherapist, educators and the medical team. These assessments are available to all patients 16 years and above. A BIDMC provider is not necessary.

Schedule a Neuropsychology Assessment

Patients Appropriate for Referral

  • Young adults with learning/attentional problems that interfere with education and age-appropriate development.
  • Adults who are experiencing mild memory/attentional complaints and may be in initial stages of Mild Cognitive Impairment.
  • Adults with neuropsychiatric problems secondary to medical illness including sleep apnea, hypertension, major organ disease and cardiovascular disease.
  • Adults with neuropsychiatric problems secondary to neurological disease, including seizure disorders, neurodegenerative disorders and multiple sclerosis.
  • Elder adults (and their families) experiencing memory and behavioral changes.
  • Patients with complex neurodevelopmental disorders, such as Asperger's syndrome and non-verbal learning disorders.

Your First Appointment

For your first appointment, please bring your history form (filled out).

If you are new to BIDMC, please call 617-754-8240 to register as a new patient before you call to schedule your neuropsychology appointment. This will speed up the scheduling process.

Our Clinical Team

  • Nancy Peterson Moczynski, PhD, ABPP, Director
  • Irene Piryatinsky, PhD
  • William Stone, PhD, ABPP
  • Tyler Zink, PhD, ABPP