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Treating and Preventing Lymphedema

Dr. Brett Carroll and PatientConditions of the lymphatic system require a treatment approach led by a team of specially trained clinicians. When you come to the Lymphatic Center for treatment, you will meet with members of our specialized, multidisciplinary team, including plastic surgeons, surgical oncologists, vascular surgeons, general surgeons, interventional radiologists, physical therapists, and professionals in nuclear medicine and body imaging. You can rest assured that we will work together with you to determine your best course of treatment and follow-up care.

Staying at the forefront of treatment and research is important to us because it means we’re providing the best care for our patients. Because of our advances in clinical care and research, we are grateful to have received a special honor from LE&RN, an internationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to fighting lymphatic diseases and lymphedema. Additionally, our annual clinical symposium draws lymphatic specialists from around the world to discuss the latest treatments and research for lymphatic diseases. Our inspirational bi-annual patient symposium is an opportunity for patients from around the country to learn from our experts and each other.

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