Our Pancreas and Liver Specialists

The BIDMC Pancreas and Liver Institute is founded on teamwork. By collaborating across disciplines and departments on behalf of our patients, we are able to offer you the right treatment at the right time, every time.

The Pancreas and Liver Institute is co-directed by A. James Moser, MD and Michael P. Curry, MD

Pancreatic Surgery

A. James Moser, MD

Co-Director, Pancreas and Liver Institute

Mark P. Callery, MD, FACS

Chief, Division of General Surgery

Cecily Kulsick

Cecily Kulsick, NP

Althea Silver

Althea Silver, RN, BSN, MPH

Nurse Navigator


Steven Freedman, MD, PhD

Director, Pancreas Center

Sunil Sheth, MD

Sunil Sheth, MD

Gastroenterology              Co-Director, Pancreas Center

Liver and Transplant Surgery

Vanessa L. Cowan, MD


Amy R. Evenson, MD, MPH, FACS


Maria-Andreea Catana, MD


Michael P. Curry, MD

Section Chief, Hepatology

Zhenghui Gordon Jiang, MD, PhD


Michelle J. Lai, MD, MPH


Robson Simon_80x100

Simon C. Robson, MBChB, PhD, FCRP

Vice Chair of Research; Director, Center for Inflammation Research; Anesthesia

Medical Oncology


Bruno Bomfim da Silva Bockorny, MD


Andrea J. Bullock, MD

Disease Group Leader, BIDMC Cancer Center, and Assistant Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Joseph Grossman

Joseph Grossman, MD

Medical Oncology


Mary Linton Peters, MD


Benjamin L. Schlechter, MD

Medical Oncology

Jessica A. Zerillo, MD, MPH

Medical Oncology

Female Doc Silhouette

Catharine Conahan, NP

Carol Pilgrim

Carol Pilgrim, NP

Adrienne Terra

Adrienne Terra, NP

Advanced Interventional Endoscopy

Tyler Berzin, MD, MS

Co-Director, GI Endoscopy, and Director, Advanced Endoscopy Fellowship

Douglas Pleskow, MD

Clinical Director, Gastroenterology

Mandeep S. Sawhney, MD

Co-Director, GI Endoscopy, and Director, Endoscopy Research

Jennifer Sheridan, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging

Koenraad Mortele, MD

Chief of Abdominal Imaging (MRI)

Anuradha (Anu) S. Shenoy-Bhangle, MD

Community Network Services, Abdominal Imaging

Martin P. Smith, MD

Abdominal Imaging (MRI), Community Network Services

Leo L. Tsai, MD, PhD

Diagnostic Radiology

Jesse L. Wei, MD

Abdominal Imaging (MRI)

Radiation Oncology

William B Casey

William Casey, MD

Radiation Oncology, CyberKnife Specialist

Christina Abate, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Interventional Radiology

Muneeb Ahmed, MD

Chief, Vascular and Interventional Radiology

Salomao Faintuch, MD

Interventional Radiology

Ammar Sarwar, MD

Vascular and Interventional Radiology

Jeffrey L. Weinstein, MD

Vascular and Interventional Radiology

Genetic Counseling

Lindsey M Stobie 20170706_04_80x100

Lindsey Stobie, MS, CGC

Genetic Counselor

Nadine Tung, MD

Disease Group Leader and Associate Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School


Gamze Ayata, MD

Pathology; Program Director, Cytopathology Fellowship

Tracy L. Challies, MD

Anatomic Pathology; Program Director, Selective Pathology Fellowship

Raul Gonzalez, MD

Anatomic Pathology

Kanchan Kantekure, MD


Imad Ahmad Nasser, MD

Director, Hepatobiliary Pathology


Juliana Ross Gilenberg, RD, LDN

Marybeth Rouns, RD, LDN

Social Work

Amy Goldman, LICSW

Palliative Care

Mary K. Buss, MD, MPH

Hospice and Palliative Medicine, and Medical Oncology

Multidisciplinary Center, Clinical Coordinators

Female Doc Silhouette

Susan McCauley, RN

Nurse Navigator

Lindsay McGregor, NP

Nurse Practitioner, Pancreatic Cancer Center