Caring for Your Reproductive Health Needs

Caring for your reproductive health needs includes the ability to have a satisfying and safe sex life and to have children on your own terms with the freedom to decide if and when to do so. We can provide you with information and access to safe, effective, and affordable methods of contraception, as well as all modern methods of pregnancy termination.

Our Mission

The mission of the Division of Family Planning is to provide access to high-quality, patient-centered, affordable and comprehensive family planning services. In addition, the division is committed to training OB/GYN residents in abortion and contraception as well as cultivating interests in public health, international health, research, and healthcare policy, as integral components of family planning.

Our goal is to ensure BIDMC residents are capable of providing high-quality comprehensive reproductive health care, and are developing the knowledge and skills they need to become the future leaders in women's health.

Clinical Services

The clinical services of the Division of Family Planning are focused on providing comprehensive, safe, and confidential reproductive healthcare. Patients have full access to family planning education and healthcare services through our division, including pregnancy options counseling, abortion services (first and second trimester surgical abortion and early medical abortion using the "abortion pill"), and comprehensive contraception care, including for patients with chronic medical conditions or complex psychosocial issues.

All hormonal, barrier, and intrauterine contraceptive methods are readily available, including placement of intrauterine contraception and the contraceptive implant (Nexplanon).

The division works collaboratively with BIDMC-affiliated community health centers, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, and other partners for clinical services, referrals and networking. Physicians in the Division of Family Planning include esteemed clinical faculty members who have unparalleled expertise in family planning clinical care, education and research.