About the New England Center for Placental Disorders

PregnantPlacental disorders or abnormalities occur when the placenta develops in the uterus in an unusual location or invades the wall of the uterus. Placental disorders are rare, but require treatment from experienced providers and coordination of many sub-specialists.

Placental Disorders We Treat

  • Placenta previa
  • Placenta accreta
  • Placenta increta
  • Placenta percreta

All placental disorders carry risks to pregnancy that require complex care, which is best obtained from providers with expertise in these abnormalities and at hospitals that have access to an array of technological capabilities. At the New England Center for Placental Disorders at BIDMC, we provide you not only with this expertise and technology, but also with the personal support all patients and families need in times of illness.

Our Treatment Approach

Your Care Team

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Our comprehensive approach to treating placental disorders uses expertise from many medical and surgical subspecialties.

Your care team will always include specialists in maternal-fetal medicine (high-risk pregnancy), newborn medicine, nursing, obstetrical anesthesia, and urology.

Other specialists may also be included, depending on your specific needs.

Meet Our Specialists

Referring a Patient

Learn more about referring a patient to the New England Center for Placental Disorders and how we work with referring clinicians to provide each patient personalized care and support.

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