The Movement Disorders Center offers a multidisciplinary program for the evaluation and treatment of patients with Huntington's disease.

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Our Movement Disorders specialist Dr. Samuel Frank works with the Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA) and is accepting new patients.

To book an appointment with Dr. Frank at the BIDMC Movement Disorders Center, please call 617-667-0519.

The HDSA provides a wide array of educational materials for distribution to our patients. Please go to the HDSA website for more information.

Interdisciplinary Team of Experts

We strive to offer you and your family highly innovative, intensive and comprehensive care for Huntington's disease (HD) throughout the course of the disease.

As the director of the HDSA Center of Excellence at BIDMC, Dr. Samuel Frank coordinates a multidisciplinary team of experts to meet the physical, cognitive, and emotional needs of you and your family.

Together with you and your family, we will design a comprehensive, coordinated, treatment program tailored to your needs and lifestyle. We will communicate our findings and recommendations to your referring physicians and are pleased to continue to work with him/her following your evaluation in our clinic.

Dr. Frank runs a Huntington’s Disease Clinic on the first Monday of the month. A Huntington’s Disease Clinic appointment includes a consultation with Dr. Frank and one of our team’s social workers. Please call 617-667-0519 for more information.

Research in Huntington's Disease

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Our center is a credentialed Huntington's Study Group (HSG) site and an active Enroll-HD site. Please refer to our HSG page and Enroll-HD page for updates and more information.

We also have had an affiliation with our long-term care partner site at Tewksbury Hospital since 2008. Tewksbury Hospital has cared for patients with HD since 2000, providing respite care, long term options and rehabilitation services. The teams for BIDMC and Tewksbury have met to exchange information about patients and develop new ideas for treatment. Dr. Frank regularly travels out to Tewksbury Hospital to see patients with HD and other neurological conditions.


BIDMC is proud to announce that we are now recruiting for Enroll-HD, which is a worldwide observational study for families affected by Huntington’s disease. Enroll-HD is an open-ended study, meaning that it is not set to end at any defined time, and participants can choose to leave the study at any time. Participants attend one study visit every year, which includes a series of movement, behavioral, and cognitive tests. The purpose of this study is to understand why and when certain HD symptoms appear, as well as identify possible ways to develop new, effective drug treatment options. Enroll-HD is not a clinical trial, so it does not test potential therapies. However, participants in Enroll-HD may be eligible for participating in additional research studies. To protect patient confidentiality, no identifying information will be shared with anyone outside of the local study personnel.

WHO: Adults (older than 18) who are affected by HD. This includes individuals who have tested positive or negative for HD, not yet undergone genetic testing, and family members not related by blood to individuals with HD.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Please refer to our brochure for more information. You may also contact Noah Allanoff at 617-667-5215 or


SIGNAL is a Phase 2, placebo-controlled research trial for people diagnosed with HD and are thought to be in the early stages of HD. The study assesses the safety, tolerability, and effectiveness of a drug, VX15 (a novel monoclonal antibody, which may delay onset or slow the progression of HD), that is delivered through intravenous infusion. VX15 binds to and blocks a molecule that may cause brain inflammation that has been shown to affect the thinking, movement, and behaviors that impact the daily activities of individuals with HD. Enrollment for this study has concluded, and participation of current members will continue through 2020.

Community Events

Please see the Huntington's Disease Society of America website for more details about events happening near you.