Helping Drivers Make the Best Choices

DriveWise and DriveAdvise: Assessing cognitive impairment to ensure safe driving

The DriveWise and DriveAdvise programs at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center share the same goal: to help drivers and their families determine the right course of action when cognitive impairment may affect their ability to drive safely.


The goal of DriveWise is to provide objective information about driving safety while providing support for individuals and their families.

For more information about DriveWise, please call (617) 667-4074.


DriveAdvise is a new pre-driving assessment program offered as part of DriveWise. The goal of DriveAdvise is to promote maximum independence while balancing safety needs for those patients who are trying to decide if learning or relearning how to drive is feasible and safe.

Similar to DriveWise, DriveAdvise utilizes the multidisciplinary team approach to assess driving readiness and capacity. DriveAdvise is targeted for people who have never driven and are considering learning to drive, or for those who had driven but have stopped driving for a number of years due to a medical or neuropsychiatric illness.

The assessment begins with an interview with a clinical social worker. This meeting focuses on motivations for learning or returning to driving as well as current lifestyle adjustments related to transportation needs. You will then meet with an Occupational Therapist, experienced in evaluating driving safety. The OT will test cognitive functions such as attention, memory and processing speed and also physical functioning, such as brake reaction time, strength and range of motion. A computer-based test that measures visual functions critical to driving will be used.

Following the assessment the team will meet and write a letter summarizing findings and recommendations. These recommendations will be shared with you and your family in a meeting with the social worker.