Diabetes Program at Healthcare Associates

Personalized Diabetes Care

Our health care teams provide personalized care based on each patient’s needs and goals. BIDMC is proud to partner with the Joslin Diabetes Center to offer a wide range of high-quality diabetes programs and services.

Our Team

At BIDMC, we have found that the best results in diabetes care come from using a team approach. Your diabetes care will be provided by your primary care team, which usually includes:

  • Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), who work with you on all your health issues and communicate regularly with other members on your team.
  • Medical Assistants, who measure your vital signs (height, weight, blood pressure and temperature) and blood sugar in the office, and will also examine your feet.
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) or Clinical Nurses, who may check up on you by phone and remind you when you are due for a screening test or office visit, teach you how to test your blood sugar at home, or help you manage your diet and exercise plans.
  • Nurse Practitioners (NPs), who work together with primary care physicians and can help you to manage your medications and review your diet and exercise routines.
  • Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs), who work with your care teams and provide you coaching and education on your diabetes management. HCA is proud to have several clinical nurses, nurse practitioners, and a clinical pharmacist who are CDEs.
  • Clinical Pharmacists, who share education and training about your medications and your blood glucose meter. Whether you are managing your disease with oral medications or insulin, the pharmacist can answer your medication questions.
  • Behavioral Health Professionals, licensed social workers (MSW) who can help you and your family work through emotional stress that you may feel as you learn to live with diabetes.

In addition to your primary care team, the following specialists may also be involved in your care:

  • Endocrinologist: A physician who has special training in diabetes.
  • Ophthalmologist or optometrist: An eye specialist who looks after your eye health.
  • Podiatrist: A foot care specialist who will examine your feet and teach you how to care for your feet at home. HCA staff also perform foot exams and will refer you to BIDMC Podiatry if you have foot pain or if your feet are slow to heal.

Diabetes Education

Diabetes affects millions of Americans, and it is a disease that has to be carefully controlled and managed in order to stay healthy. The diabetes experts at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and our clinical partner, Joslin Diabetes Center, have come together to provide the facts, advice, and latest news about preventing, managing, and living with diabetes.

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