About Forehead Lines

Forehead lines are the horizontal lines on the forehead. They become more prominent when the eyebrows are raised to create a surprised or excited look. However, when these lines become visible at rest, they can convey a worried appearance.

In many people, depressed eyebrows or upper eyelid skin laxity may result in a partial vision block due to a depressed upper eyelid. Subconsciously, individuals attempt to correct for this by raising their eyebrows to restore their line of sight. The constant forehead muscle contraction contributes to the development of horizontal forehead lines. Botox should be used cautiously in these individuals to avoid a droopy eyelid. More complete eradication of forehead lines in this patients can only be achieved through either an eyebrow lift or removal of excess upper eyelid tissue (blepharoplasty).

Before Botox After Botox
forehead before forehead after
forehead before 2 forehead after 2
Individual results may vary.