Our Rectal Cancer Specialists


Colorectal Surgery

Thomas Cataldo

Thomas Cataldo, MD

Colon and Rectal Surgery, Surgery

Nurse Practitioners

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Jeanne Quinn, MS, APRN-BC

Rectal Cancer Program Coordinator

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Kristin Messer, MS, APRN-BC

Medical Oncology

Jessica A. Zerillo, MD, MPH

Medical Oncology

Diagnostic Radiology (Colorectal)

Robert A. Kane, MD

Chief, Body and General Ultrasound

Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD

Chief, Radiology

Vassilios Raptopoulos, MD

Abdominal Imaging (CT)

Martin P. Smith, MD

Abdominal Imaging; Community Network Services

Jesse L. Wei, MD

Abdominal Imaging (MRI)


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Lawrence F. Brown, MD

Tracy L. Challies, MD

Anatomic Pathology; Program Director, Selective Pathology Fellowship

Jeffrey D. Goldsmith, MD

Anatomic/Clinical Pathology

Helen H. Wang, MD



Douglas Pleskow, MD

Clinical Director, Gastroenterology

Mandeep S. Sawhney, MD

Co-Director, GI Endoscopy; Director, Endoscopy Research


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Chantal Paul, RN

Oncology Nurse

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Paula Hayes, RN, CWON

Wound/Ostomy Nurse

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A. Murray Corliss, RN, CWOCN 

Wound/Ostomy Nurse

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Janice Cunnane, RN, CWOCN

Wound/Ostomy Nurse

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Therese Pare, RN, CWOCN 

Wound/Ostomy Nurse