Breast Cancer Treatment for Spanish-Speaking Women

Latina woman during a BIDMC breast cancer consultationThe rate of breast cancer in Hispanic women is lower than in non-Hispanic white women. But these statistics can be misleading—not only is breast cancer the leading cause of cancer deaths in Hispanic women living in the U.S., but the disease tends to affect these women at a younger age and is more aggressive in them than in many other populations.

If you are a Hispanic/Latina woman, understanding the signs of breast cancer and how breast cancer affects those with your background is important.

The Hispanic Breast Cancer Program at BIDMC provides culturally sensitive services for Spanish-speaking patients. In addition to eliminating the language barrier and enhancing communication between patients and providers, our team can help with scheduling on-site screening services, medication management and navigating the healthcare system as a whole.

The Hispanic Breast Cancer Program is led by BIDMC breast surgical oncologist Monica Valero, MD. Together with a dedicated team of interpreters, social workers and nursing staff, we offer patients personalized care, culturally appropriate services, and state-of-the-art treatment for the best possible outcome.

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Please identify yourself as Spanish-speaking and a Spanish-speaking staff member will help you.

Call 617-667-2900 to make an appointment.

Clinical Trials

The Cancer Center at BIDMC is an important center of research into the safety and effectiveness of new cancer therapies. Your physician will help you evaluate whether participation in a clinical trial is appropriate for you.