Introducing the Standard of Cure

Imagining a world without cancer isn’t our dream. It’s our job.

Pier Paolo Pandolfi, MD, PhD

Here, at the Cancer Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, every single physician, researcher and staff member is tirelessly pursuing cures for cancer.

We are determined to eradicate this challenging disease, for the individual and for humanity.

This is the driving ethos of our Cancer Center.

Our focus on the Standard of Cure™ goes beyond the Standard of Care.

The phrase "Standard of Care" is often used to describe the health care a person can reasonably expect to receive from a competent doctor or hospital.

We say that’s not good enough.

Our physician-scientists are pioneers in the search for new approaches to treating cancer. We are developing immunotherapies that mobilize the body's own defenses to fight cancer. We are developing targeted therapies that identify and attack the specific cancer-causing molecules. We are combining these therapies with each other and with the traditional approaches of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

In clinical trials, these techniques have achieved long-lasting remission for many patients. We are currently leading a first-of-its-kind study in personalized cancer vaccines for multiple myeloma and sharing the technology we developed with 17 leading cancer centers across the country. This clinical trial is open to our patients who meet the study criteria. It's just one example of the promising advances achieved at the BIDMC Cancer Center.

We invite you to follow our progress as we rapidly move toward cures that are truly tailored to the individual.

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