Week Three: Eating Well

BIDMC Contributor

OCTOBER 12, 2017


Step 1: Read Lesson

Learn How To Compose Your Plate

The first step is to learn how to compose your plate. Sounds easy right? It is!

BTYSP plate management is based on the New American Plate from the American Institute of Cancer Research.

SPPlateDiv (1)

  1. Imagine a picnic plate divided into 3 sections.
  2. Fill the largest section with two or more vegetables. Make it a colorful mix, such as steamed broccoli and carrots flavored with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.
  3. Fill one small section with a whole-grain starch, such as brown rice.
  4. Fill the last small section with a lean protein such as grilled chicken or fish.
Build Your Pyramid

The second step is to build your pyramid using Walter Willett's Healthy Eating Pyramid as a guide to ensure your incorporate moderation, balance and variety.


Step 2: Watch Video

Watch Kristina Spellman's video to get tips and information to help you understand this week's principles.

Step 3: Review and Complete Activities

Activities Workbook(pdf)

Step 4: Listen to Podcast

Listen to Dr. Blackburn's podcast to keep yourself motivated.

Step 5: Take Quiz

Take the quiz to test what you've learned this week!

Step 6: Perform Weekly Tasks


» Continue to keep track of your daily intake and assess R-K-O status daily
» Continue using Eat Less strategies: 450 in 20 minutes, measure portion sizes
» Redesign your plate and build your pyramid


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