Nursing Research at BIDMC

Nurses at BIDMC help shape the future of nursing practice through a robust program of nursing research. The work is led by the Nursing Research and Education Council, which helps advise investigators on the substance of their research proposals in advance of submission to the hospital review board.

Examples of recent nurse-led research include:

  • The relationship between staff’s collective cognitive style and the implementation of a staff-led problem-solving process
  • Nurses’ experience with a nursing mission workshop
  • A qualitative, descriptive study of nurses’ perception of caring for transgender patients
  • The lived experience of Haitian immigrants self-managing Type II Diabetes Mellitus
  • The development and psychometric validation of the Ethical Awareness Scale
  • The experience of healing for older adult family caregivers following the death of a loved one in the intensive care unit
  • Nurse-led delirium assessment improvement intervention

Nurse Scientists in Residence

Nurse scientists in residence help support and encourage research endeavors of clinical and administrative staff.

Susan DeSanto-Madeya, RN, PhD  

Dr. DeSanto-Madeya is a clinical associate professor at the Connell School of Nursing at Boston College. In 2011, she was named the inaugural Beth Israel Hospital Nurses' Alumnae Association Endowed Nurse Scientist at BIDMC. Her research interest is palliative care and she is sought after as a speaker and author on the topic. She works with staff at BIMDC 20 hours a week to advance the nursing research agenda.


Susan Sawyer, RN, CNP, PhD 
Dr. Sawyer is a professor of nursing at Regis College and a nurse practitioner with a wealth of experience in community-based care of underserved populations. She is on site at BIDMC once a week and is working with staff on a variety of research and evidence-based projects. She recently commented, “I am eager to contribute to the advancement of nursing research at BIDMC by advocating for and supporting nurses in the promotion of evidence-based nursing practice.”


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