Selected December Publications from BIDMC Faculty

Media Relations

JANUARY 11, 2023

Building on our culture of collaboration and innovation, our researchers are helping to transform medicine and health care delivery. Below are selected academic publications issued in December.

Severe COVID-19 is associated with molecular signatures of aging in the human brain
Nature Aging / Research Letter / December 5, 2022
BIDMC Authors: Maria Mavrikaki, Jonathan D. Lee, Frank J. Slack (Department of Pathology)

Lipolysis-derived linoleic acid drives beige fat progenitor cell proliferation
Developmental Cell / Original Research / December 5, 2022
BIDMC Authors: Ichitaro Abe, Anthony R.P. Verkerke, Christopher Auger, Gregory P. Westcott, Shingo Kajimura (Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism)

Association of Medicare Advantage vs traditional Medicare with 30-day mortality among patients with acute myocardial infarction
JAMA / Original Research / December 6, 2022
BIDMC Authors: Bruce E. Landon, Timothy S. Anderson (Division of General Medicine)

A genetically engineered, stem-cell-derived cellular vaccine
Cell Reports Medicine / Original Research / December 7, 2022
BIDMC Authors: Abishek Chandrashekar, Jingyou Yu, Katherine McMahan, Victoria Giffin, Cordelia Manickam, Kyle Kroll, Matthew Mosher, R. Keith Reeves, Dan H. Barouch (Center for Virology and Vaccine Research)

Evaluation of telehealth visit attendance after implementation of a patient navigator program
JAMA Network Open / Original Research / December 8, 2022
BIDMC Authors: Oren J Mechanic, Emma M. Lee, Heidi M. Sheehan, Tenzin Dechen, Ashley L. O’Donoghue, Timothy S. Anderson, Catherine Annas, Leanne B. Harvey, Allison A. Perkins, Michael A. Severo, Jennifer P. Stevens, Alexa B. Kimball (Center for Healthcare Delivery Science, Division of General Medicine)

Colorectal cancer screening in a safety-net health system: The intersectional impact of race, ethnicity, language, and mental health
Preventative Medicine / Original Research / December 15, 2022
BIDMC Authors: Benjamin G. Allar, Evangelos Messaris, Heidi J. Rayala (Department of Surgery)

Ring domains are essential for GATOR2-dependent mTORC1 activation
Molecular Cell / Original Research / December 16, 2022
BIDMC Authors: Cong Jiang, Xiaoming Dai, Jianping Guo, Tao Zhang, Hiroyuki Inuzuka, Wenyi Wei (Department of Pathology)

Trends in Medicare Part B spending on discarded drugs, 2017-2020
JAMA Internal Medicine / Research Letter / December 19, 2022
BIDMC Authors: Ashley L. O’Donoghue, Molly H. White, Anthony P. Weiss, Jennifer P. Stevens, Timothy S. Anderson (Center for Healthcare Delivery Science, Department of Psychiatry)

Asymptomatic screening for severe acute respiratory coronavirus virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) as an infection prevention measure in healthcare facilities: Challenges and considerations
Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology / Perspective / December 21, 2022
BIDMC Author: Sharon Wright (Division of Infectious Diseases)

Circulating hemopexin modulates anthracycline cardiac toxicity in patients and in mice
Science Advances / Original Research / December 23, 2022
BIDMC Authors: Jing Liu, Sarah Lane, Rahul Lall, Laurie Farrell, Casie Curtin, Robert E. Gerszten, Aarti Asnani (Division of Cardiovascular Medicine)

Assessment of mental health services available through smartphone apps
JAMA Network Open / Original Research / December 28, 2022
BIDMC Authors: Erica Camacho, Asher Cohen, John Torous (Department of Psychiatry)

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