Selected October Publications from BIDMC Faculty

Media Relations

NOVEMBER 01, 2021

Building on our culture of collaboration and innovation, our researchers are helping to transform medicine and health care delivery. Below are selected academic publications issued in October 2021.

Ultrasensitive and quantitative toxin measurement correlates with baseline severity, severe outcomes, and recurrence among hospitalized patients with Clostridioides difficile infection
Clinical Infectious Disease / Research / September 19, 2021
BIDMC Authors: Carolyn D. Alonso, Ciarán P. Kelly, Kaitlyn Daugherty, Christine Cuddemi, Javier Villafuerte-Gálvez, Nicole C. White, Xinhua Chen, Hua Xu, Rebecca Sprague, Caitlin Barrett, Nira R. Pollock (Division of Infectious Diseases)

Race, sex and age disparities in echocardiography among Medicare beneficiaries in an integrated healthcare system
Heart / Research / October 6, 2021
BIDMC Authors: Patrick M. Hyland, Jiaman Xu, Changyu Shen, Lawrence J. Markson, Warren Manning, Jordan B. Strom (Cardiovascular Division, Department of Medicine)

Safety, pharmacokinetics and antiviral activity of PGT121, a broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibody against HIV-1: a randomized, placebo-controlled, phase 1 clinical trial
Nature Medicine / Research / October 7, 2021
BIDMC Authors: Kathryn E. Stephenson, Boris Julg, C. Sabrina Tan, Rebecca Zash, Stephen R. Walsh, Jessica Ansel, Diane G. Kanjilal, Lori F. Maxfield, Joseph Nkolola, Erica N. Borducchi, Peter Abbink, Jinyan Liu, Lauren Peter, Abishek Chandrashekar, Ramya Mityanandam, Zijin Lin, Alessandra Setaro, Joseph Sapiente, Michael S. Seaman, Dan H. Barouch (Center for Virology and Vaccine Research, Department of Medicine)

Differential kinetics of immune responses elicited by Covid-19 vaccines
New England Journal of Medicine / Research Letter / October 15, 2021
BIDMC Authors: Ai-ris Y. Collier, Jingyou Yu, Katherine McMahan, Jinyan Liu, Abishek Chandrashekar, Jessica L. Ansel, Marjorie Rowe, Ricardo Aguayo, Catherine Jacob-Dolan, Daniel Sellers, Julia Barrett, Kunza Ahmad, Tochi Anioke, Haley VanWyk, Sarah Gardner, Olivia Powers, Esther A. Bondzie, Huahua Wan, Michele R. Hacker, Dan Barouch (Center for Virology and Vaccine Research, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Association of university student gatherings with community COVID-19 infections before and after the NCAA March Madness tournament
JAMA Network Open / Research Letter / October 28, 2021
BIDMC Author: Ashley L. O’Donoghue (Center for Healthcare Delivery Science)

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