Selected September Publications from BIDMC Faculty

BIDMC Communications

SEPTEMBER 30, 2019

Building on our culture of collaboration and innovation, our researchers are helping to transform medicine and health care delivery. Below are selected academic publications issued in the month of September.

Evolving Priorities for Imaging Utilization Research
JAMA / Editorial / Sept. 3, 2019
BIDMC Author: Deborah Levine (Department of Radiology)

Old Habits Die Hard: Antipsychotics for Treatment of Delirium
Annals of Internal Medicine / Editorial / Sept. 3, 2019
BIDMC Author: Edward R. Marcantonio (Division of General Medicine and Primary Care)

Air Disinfection in Measles Transmission Hotspots
The Lancet / Correspondence / Sept. 5, 2019
BIDMC Author: Ruvandhi Nathavitharanab (Division of Infectious Diseases)

Lack of Therapeutic Efficacy of an Antibody to α4β7 in SIVmac251-infected Rhesus Macaques
Science / Research / Sept. 6, 2019
BIDMC Authors: Peter Abbink, Noe B. Mercado, Joseph P. Nkolola, Rebecca L. Peterson, Hubert Tuyishime, Katherine McMahan, Edward T. Moseley, Erica N. Borducchi, Abishek Chandrashekar, Esther A. Bondzie, Arshi Agarwal, Dan H. Barouch (Center for Virology and Vaccine Research)

AAA Screening Should Be Expanded
Circulations / Perspective / Sept. 9, 2019
BIDMC Authors: Thomas F.X. O’Donnell, Bruce E. Landon, Marc L. Schermerhorn (Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Division of General Medicine and Primary Care)

The Relative Value Scale Update Committee: Time for an Update
JAMA / Viewpoint / Sept. 9, 2019
BIDMC Author: John Urwin (Department of Medicine)

Health Care in the United States
Academic Medicine / Perspective / Sept. 10, 2019
BIDMC Author: Richard Schwartzstein (Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine)

Proteogenomic Network Analysis of Context-Specific KRAS Signaling in Mouse-to-Human Cross-Species Translation
Cell Systems / Research / Sept. 11, 2019
BIDMC Authors: Douglas K. Brubaker, Shikha Sheth, Emily J. Poulin, Olesja Popow, Samantha Dale Strasser, Alina Starchenko, Kevin M. Haigis (Cancer Center)

Non-melanoma Skin Cancers are More Likely to be Untreated in Elderly Patients
JAAD / Research / Sept. 13, 2019
BIDMC Authors: Pallavi Basu, Ashley Beckles, Martina L. Porter, Suzanne Olbricht (Department of Dermatology)

Who Heals the Healer?
JAMA / A Piece of My Mind / Sept. 17, 2019
BIDMC Author: Huma Farid (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Would You Refer This Patient With Cancer to a Palliative Care Specialist?
Annals of Internal Medicine / Grand Rounds Discussion / Sept. 17, 2019
BIDMC Authors: Eileen E. Reynolds, Mary K. Buss, Benjamin L. Schlechter (Department of Medicine)

Obesity is Associated with Significantly Increased Risk for Diarrhoea After Controlling for Demographic, Dietary and Medical Factors: a Cross‐sectional Analysis of the 2009‐2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
Alimentary Pharmacology &Therapeutics / Research / Sept. 18, 2019
BIDMC Authors: Sarah Ballou, Prashant Singh,  Vikram Rangan,  Johanna Iturrino,  Judy Nee,  Anthony Lembo (Department of Medicine)

Reassessing the Role of Histaminergic Tuberomammillary Neurons in Arousal Control
Journal of Neuroscience / Research / Sept. 23, 2019
BIDMC Authors: Anne Venner, Roberto De Luca, Thomas E. Scammell, Clifford B. Saper, Elda Arrigoni, Patrick M. Fuller (Department of Neurology)

Ticagrelor with or without Aspirin in High-Risk Patients after PCI
New England Journal of Medicine / Research / Sept. 26, 2019
BIDMC Author: C. Michael Gibson (CardioVascular Institute)

Germline NPM1 Mutations Lead to Altered rRNA 2′-O-methylation and Cause Dyskeratosis Congenital
Nature Genetics / Research / Sept. 30, 2019
BIDMC Authors: Daphna Nachmani, Anne H. Bothmer, Silvia Grisendi, Jonathan D. Lee, Ke Cheng, Yang Zhang, Assaf C. Bester, Alison Guzzetti, Caitlin A. Mitchell, Lourdes M. Mendez, Paolo Sportoletti, John G. Clohessy, Pier Paolo Pandolfi (Cancer Research Institute, Cancer Center, Department of Pathology)

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