Volunteer Options at BIDMC

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Cardiology - Cardiac Catheterization Lab Desk Assistance
  • Emergency Department - Family/Patient Liaison
    • Family/Patient Liaison - This person will serve as liaison between care providers, patients and families; maintain ongoing communication with patients and the families as indicated; respond to some of the comfort needs for patients; assist patients and families in obtaining answers to questions that they may have; inform patients and families of available resources to help with their non-medical needs.
  • Employee Occupational Health Services- Department Assistance
  • Endocrinology - Office and Clinic Assistance - Bone and Mineral
  • Gastroenterology - Unit Escorts; Check-in Assistants, Data Analysis
    • Unit Escorts - Escort the patient into the GI Unit making sure that they are settled with the appropriate health care person for check-in. Escort the patient out of the GI Unit using wheelchair if necessary. Wait with the patient until their ride/escort person comes and takes charge of them.
  • Health Care Associates - Office and Clinic Assistance
  • Hematology/Oncology - Patient to Patient, Heart to Heart - A peer program whereby cancer survivors who have been through chemotherapy volunteer with patients currently receiving chemo
  • Music-Volunteer Musician Program
    • The Volunteer Musician Program is designed to offer quality live music that supports a relaxing, pleasing, and personal experience for patients, families, and staff. We are not accepting vocalists at this time.
  • Neurology - EEG Lab
    • Assisting EEG technicians with cleaning patient heads after their tests, helping prepare supplies for the test, and helping stock test space with supplies.
  • Nursing - Unit Greeters; Service Excellence Volunteers
    • Unit Greeters - (1) Periodic rounding to assist in answering patient call lights. Assist in non-clinical responses to call lights or alert proper resources for further assistance of the patient/family needs. (2) Assist Unit Coordinator with any light clerical duties during slower visitor times.
  • OB/GYN - Parent Connection, Unit Greeters
  • Ophthalmology - Eye Unit Waiting Room Host; Clinic Assistance
  • Outpatient Surgery - Post Anesthesia Care Unit Helpers; Concierge Assistants
  • Palliative Care
    • Provide a supportive presence to patients nearing the end of life. The volunteer provides verbal or non-verbal support, which may include playing quiet music, reading, or just sitting with the patient. The volunteer is given information about the patient in order to be as supportive as possible to that person, including information about the patient's interests, culture, etc. The primary purpose of the volunteer is to alleviate solitude near the end of life. The volunteer is also available to notify nursing of any changes in the patient's condition or to notify of signs of discomfort.
  • Spiritual Care and Education - Eucharistic Ministers, Patient Visitors
    • Eucharistic Minister - Bringing the sacrament of the Eucharist to Roman Catholic patients. Compassionate and non-judgmental visits with those patients as appropriate.
  • Radiology - Office Assistance, Radiology Transport
  • Rehabilitation - Clinic Assistance, PT and OT
  • Social Work - Newborn Cuddler Program
    The Cuddler volunteer program for the NICU nursery is fully staffed.
  • Surgery - Surgical Liaison
    • Surgical Liaisons provide a warm and caring presence for the waiting families of patients undergoing surgery. They provide updated information about the process of the patient, alert physicians who need to communicate with the families, and maintain communication between the PACU (Recovery) and the families.
  • Tuesday Volunteer Workshop - Assisting hospital areas with special projects
  • Volunteer Services - Friendly Visitor; Bookcart
  • Volunteer Office - Office Assistance

For our long-term volunteer opportunities please click here.

To apply for a volunteer position, please click here to apply. For more information and questions, please contact Shannon Lawson, Volunteer Services Program Manager at volunteerservices@bidmc.harvard.edu.