The Volunteer Musician Program

About Our Volunteer Musician Program

The Volunteer Musician Program is designed to offer quality live music that supports a relaxing, pleasing, and personal experience for patients, families, and staff at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. We are not accepting pianists or vocalists at this time.

What does a Volunteer Musician do?

*Please note we are currently seeking virtual volunteer musicians. Please email Alison Blake for more information.

Volunteer Musicians provide relaxing music to enhance the lobby environments of the Rosenberg, Farr, and Feldberg Buildings, as well as the lobby of the Shapiro Outpatient Center. Volunteers work closely with the Program Supervisor to ensure that high quality service is delivered and that Volunteer Musicians are comfortable playing in a medical center setting.

  • Substantial experience as a musician and the ability to perform independently.
  • Maturity, as well as sensitivity to the needs of a hospital environment.
  • The ability to take direction and respond to feedback on aspects of playing, including feel, volume, and content.
  • A friendly, positive and enthusiastic attitude.

To be determined by availability

How to Become a Volunteer Musician at BIDMC

If you have any questions, please email Alison Blake, Volunteer Musician Program coordinator.

Apply to Become a Volunteer Musician