What is the Pet Therapy Visitation program?

A program of pet therapy to reduce anxiety, promote relaxation and a sense of well-being among hospitalized patients.

The Pet Therapy Visitation Program is a collaborative program between the Departments of Volunteer Services, Social Work and Nursing. Research studies suggest that interaction with healthy, well-behaved pets (specifically, dogs) can improve a patient’s mood, lower blood pressure and heart rate and stimulate other factors favorable to healing. As well, pet therapy programs have been shown to improve staff morale.

Our Pet Organizations: Caring Canines, Therapy Dogs International, The Delta Society.

Meet Our Pet Therapists

I am grateful for pet therapy

Dr. Burns and Cosmo

Pet Therapy Dogs - Winston, Sophie & RosiePet Therapy Dogs - Madison, Henry & GoldiePet Therapy Dogs - Gidget, Freddy & Bella