Stories of Love and Loss

Hester Hill Schnipper, LICSW, OSW-C Program Manager, Oncology Social Work

MARCH 08, 2017

You have probably seen the incredibly beautiful and heart-breaking essay by Amy Krouse Rosenthal: You May Want to Marry my Husband. Written by a dying woman as a dating profile for her husband, it is actually a love letter to the love of her life. If you missed it, take out the Kleenex and read:

After I finished crying, I showed it to my husband. After he finished crying, we agreed that we probably could never be so generous in a time of such grief. I remain in awe of her love.

As do others. This is a lovely collection of responses:

‘Live for the Moment’: Readers Share
Stories of Love and Loss

‘Enough Love for a Lifetime’
Six years ago, at 39, I lost my lover, husband, best friend, adventure partner and co-parent. Yet even in the depths of my grief, I assumed then that in six years, I would have found a new life and new love. Yet here I still am, alone, because I cannot find anyone who even comes close to my Dave. It may be that Jason will feel that way, too. And that is O.K. You’ve given him enough love for a lifetime.
— Lexi Shear, Montpelier, Vt.

‘Time Is All I Ask for — Daily’
I have Stage 4 terminal breast cancer, and while my husband and I haven’t had the strength to have a conversation like this, I know it’s coming. I am responding well to maintenance chemo, so the end seems distant to us, but that is foolish. We are playing Russian roulette.
Time is all I ask for — daily. You are so brave, wise and witty, words that people use to describe me. I’m not ready to do what you have done on these pages.
You may have been a catalyst to get the conversion started sooner rather than later.
Thank you for that.
— Sandra Avis, Michigan

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