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Hester Hill Schnipper, LICSW, OSW-C Program Manager, Oncology Social Work

APRIL 11, 2017

The title of today's blog, Ask the Expert, feels obnoxious, but it is the name of a monthly Living Beyond Breast Cancer feature. Monthly, there is a chosen topic, a designated expert, and the opportunity to ask questions. This month the topic is Breast Cancer and your Feelings, and I am the expert.

Here is the introduction and a link. There have already been a few questions, and I assume/hope that there will be more.

April 2017 Ask the Expert: Breast Cancer and Your Emotions

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can turn your world upside down. Many aspects of having cancer, including treatments and their side effects, telling people about your diagnosis, and financial worries can be emotionally overwhelming.

In April, Living Beyond Breast Cancer expert Hester Hill Schnipper, LICSW, BCD, OSW-C, will answer your questions about breast cancer and your emotions, like how complementary therapies can help you feel better, how to talk to family and friends about what you’re going through, when to see a mental health professional and how to find one, and more.

If you have questions about your emotions after a breast cancer diagnosis, ask our expert today.

We will answer as many questions as possible, but we cannot answer all questions submitted. We will post answers on an ongoing basis throughout April. Submit your questions now and check back here for updates.

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