Measles in Massachusetts

Christine Sweeney, LICSW Program Manager, Parent Connection, BIDMC

MAY 02, 2019

On April 1st of this year, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced the first known case of measles in MA. Up until this point, we were hearing of cases in other states, and now its hit home. For those with healthy children over the age of one, this might not mean so much to you personally, but ask any mom of a baby under age one (children typically get the first dose of this vaccine at the one year mark), or a mom with a child unable due to health reasons to get the vaccine, and these moms are terrified. Understandably so. Measles is no joke.

So what can you do if you’re little one is too young to get the measles vaccine? The American Academy of Pediatrics provides the following information on their website:

Talk to your pediatrician directly, for guidance, support and information.

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