It's Not Too Cold Outside

Christine Sweeney, LICSW Program Manager, Parent Connection, BIDMC

DECEMBER 17, 2018


It’s December, and the cold has set in, and in all likelihood will remain for at least the next several months. Parents of newborns often wonder, is it too cold to take baby outside? This is a question that comes up in the moms groups I lead, and my response is typically the same…that unless your pediatrician has directed you differently (perhaps because you child was born earlier or has other medical issues), as long as your baby is dressed warmly and their skin protected, it’s ok to bring baby outside.

In fact, in other places (Norway, Denmark, Sweden) it’s common practice for babies to sleep outside during the cold, winter weather with the belief that baby’s sleep better and are healthier for sleeping outside.

Now I know that sleep deprived parents of newborns might look at this and think night time sleep problem solved. NOT. This does not apply to overnight sleep. But just a bit of reassurance that you do not need to hibernate till spring!

On that same note, if you are out and about in your car this season, please be aware of American Academy guidelines around winter car seat safety. Happy travels!

Above content provided by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. For advice about your medical care, consult your doctor.
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