Christine Sweeney, LICSW Program Manager, Parent Connection, BIDMC

NOVEMBER 08, 2018


One of the first tricks that new parents learn to master is the art of the swaddle. I am often awed watching our postpartum nurses wrap a newborn like a cozy little burrito in a flash of seconds.

Parents realize pretty quickly that babies sleep much better when swaddled as it provides them a feeling of comfort and security and reduces the chance that they will startle themselves awake. Up until recently, parents were counseled to stop swaddling when babies start to roll over … and that milestone was the marker.

The American Academy of Pediatrics however, is now directing parents to remove the swaddle at two months of age, regardless of what your little one is doing.

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For some babies, two months may be the time they start to roll over, but in case your little one is not, these are the new recommendations. For additional questions on this topic, please address with your pediatric practice directly.

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