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Women's Health Archive

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Living Well | Prevention Practice | Treatment and Medication | Fertility and Pregnancy | Sexual Health and Behavior | Mental Health | Exercise and Nutrition | Personal Stories

Living Well

All forms of smoking are bad for you Alternative therapies to quit smoking Antibacterial products: can you be too clean? Are cellular phones dangerous to your health? Boutique options offer greater choice in medical care BPA raising concerns Computing in comfort Control the craving to smoke Coping with fatigue from chemotherapy Coping with hair loss from chemotherapy Dealing with hair loss in women Diabetes and alcohol: caution when mixing Domestic violence: recognizing abuse Eat well, exercise well, be well: dietary and fitness guidelines E-cigarettes: a safe substitute for smokers? Facts about fibroids Feathering your empty nest Fighting period fatigue Fluoride and your bones: a mixed bag Good intentions gone awry: how to keep your health habits in balance Having trouble catching those z's? Health is the whole…body, mind, and soul Health spending accounts: a complement to regular health insurance How your clothes protect you from the sun Interpreting prescription drug advertising Job-related weight gain: battling the bulge at work Managing symptoms of menopause Mastalgia Mastalgia: benign breast pain Napping: medicine for the weary Natural tips for better sleep No more sleepless nights: dealing with insomnia Ordering your own lab tests Permanent makeup: why and how? Protect your skin: how to avoid sun exposure Quitting smoking after a heart attack Reasons to quit smoking Safe bet: seat belts improve your odds Sleep: are you getting enough? Sun exposure: finding a balance Sunless tanning: What are your options? Support for smokers wanting to quit Symptoms of menopause: could your thyroid be the cause? Teeth whitening: what are your options? The American Heart Association’s guidelines for women The hygiene hypothesis: how valid is it? The role of family medical history in your health Tips for getting a good night sleep Tips on coping with anemia related to chemotherapy Understanding hair loss Using cosmetics safely Vitamin D: let the sun shine? When a loved one has chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia Women's health myths Your body fat percentage: what does it mean?

Prevention Practice

Achieving and maintaining a healthful weight Antibacterial products: can you be too clean? Are you allergic to your jewelry? Breast cancer screening: research and guidelines Breast self-exam (BSE) Brush your teeth—it’s good for your heart Cancer tests that can save your life Cholesterol and your heart: what's new? Chronic Inflammation and Disease Decision making tool: should I have a mammogram? Diabetes and cardiovascular disease: what’s the link? Do you have prehypertension? Fibrocystic breast changes: lumps that are normal FluMist: a painless option to the annual flu shot Foot problems: could you be wearing the wrong shoes? Health screenings for women Heart attack in women (myocardial infarction) High blood pressure linked to inflammation How to wash your hands properly HPV DNA testing approved for cervical cancer screening Irritable bowel syndrome: strategies for managing a complex condition Isolation precautions Learn your diabetic ABCs Lowering heart disease risk is more than just lowering your cholesterol number Metal toxicity: your brain under siege New recommendations to prevent high blood pressure Preventing errors and infections during surgery: steps for hospital staff and patients Preventing infections in the hospital: steps for hospital staff and patients Preventing liver disease Real-life stories of weight loss Reducing your risk of heart disease when you have diabetes Skin self-exam Stay safe and sound with self-defense The immune system and organ transplant: what you should know The latest in breast cancer screening: computer-aided mammography Tips to help you stop smoking Toxic shock syndrome: tampons and more Ulcers and the bacteria that causes it Watch your back Ways to prevent osteoporosis Why you should be smoke-free for surgery Women's health myths

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