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Everyday Health Choices

All forms of smoking are bad for you Alternative therapies to quit smoking Animals and your health: the benefits of pet ownership Antioxidants and your health Are cellular phones dangerous to your health? Avoiding foods that cause heartburn Avoiding gas-producing foods Bladder infections Happen for Men Too Can marriage help you live longer? Can zinc win the cold war? Choose the best insect repellent Colon cleansing: don't be misled by the claims Computing in comfort Control the craving to smoke Dealing with eyestrain Diabetes and alcohol: caution when mixing Diabeties and foot care Donating blood: giving the gift of life Do-it-yourself pain relief Eat well, exercise well, be well: dietary and fitness guidelines E-cigarettes: a safe substitute for smokers? Getting to know your healthcare providers Gluten-free MyPlate Grillmasters get a food safety lesson Health info: separating fact from fiction Health screening for men: why and when you should go to the doctor Help for hip pain Hernias: Causes and treatment options How much do you know about triglycerides? How to choose a primary care doctor How to floss How to live to be 100 Iron Is it a cold? Or is it the flu? And what do you do? Is it heartburn or a heart attack? Jaw pain: it's not "just stress" Limb loss in Iraq puts focus on high-tech prosthetics Men's health matters Men's health myths from Viagra tales to hair growth legends No more sleepless nights: dealing with insomnia Office health hazards Optimizing your triglycerides Ordering your own lab tests Quitting smoking after a heart attack Reasons to quit smoking Shift workers: solutions for sleep problems Should you take part in a clinical trial? Skin self-exam (SSE) Smoking cessation drugs: nicotine replacement products Support for smokers wanting to quit Surgery at the doctor's office: what you need to know Telemedicine: the next medical frontier Testicular self-exam (TSE) The benefits and drawbacks of home test kits The benefits, risks, and uncertainties of soy for lower blood cholesterol The importance of counting carbs if you have diabetes Tips for controlling your asthma Tips for safely buying medications online Treating latex allergy True or false: your heart stops beating when you sneeze (and other common beliefs about sneezing) The benefits of soy for cardiovascular disease Tips for getting good sleep Using online medical consults What is the glycemic index? What to eat if you have diabetes What you don't know about excess iron could kill you What's the hang-up about cellular phones? When and how to get a second opinion When food doesn't taste good Why it is important to quit smoking if you have heart failure

Medical Treatment

Alternative therapies for allergies Anatomy of a gallstone Andropause: do men go through menopause, too? Antibiotics: to prescribe or not prescribe? Can surgery bring your hair back? Can we predict and prevent schizophrenia? Cardiac stress test (Exercise tolerance test) Cholesterol and your heart: what's new? Coping with diarrhea related to chemotherapy Could you have pre-diabetes? Correcting vision with refractive eye surgery December 2006: policosanol for high cholesterol? maybe not. Dealing with conjunctivitis Drugs that may lead to heart damage Dystonia movement disorders Emphysema: how you get it, and how to fight it Fighting colon cancer: one man's story High blood pressure linked to inflammation Hospital stays: what you need to know How to choose a surgeon and hospital for major surgery How to floss Implantable defibrillators save lives Islet-cell transplants: the end of insulin shots? Olmesartan to lower blood pressure Organ donation: the gift of life Osteoporosis, breast cancer, and eating disorders: not just for women Osteoporosis in men: more common than you may think Propecia, the baldness pill: does it work? Protective isolation: what is it and why do I need it? Statin drugs: not just for high cholesterol? Stuttering can be stopped Surviving a heart attack: timing is crucial Taking care of your diabetes when you are away from home Taking care of your diabetes when you are at school or work Taking care of your diabetes when you are sick Taste and smell disorders Testicular cancer: curing the most common young men's cancer Tips for coping with mouth, gum, and throat problems related to radiation therapy Traveling for treatment: weighing the risks of medical tourism Ulcers and the bacteria that causes it What can I do about kidney disease? What can you do about a deviated septum? What you need to know about managing lupus When a loved one has chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia Why you should be smoke-free for surgery

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