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Food & Nutrition Archive

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Diet and Nutrition | Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements | Heart Healthy Diet | Weight Loss | Special Foods and Special Occasions | Conditions and Treatments | Food Safety

Diet and Nutrition

70 and beyond: what you need to eat A history of American eating habits Are three squares a day the only healthy way? Avoiding gas-producing foods Balanced diet Bring back breakfast Cueing into your eating patterns Deciphering the Nutrition Facts label: do you really know what you are eating? Diet detectives: spotting sensible diets Do raw food (living food) diets promote good health? Eat well, exercise well, be well: dietary and fitness guidelines Eating a diet low in saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables Eating a diet moderate in protein-rich foods Eating during pregnancy: a labor for Dad, too Eating healthfully on a tight budget Eating healthy: Tips to make it easier Eating well—and safely—during your golden years Eating with color Empty plates for empty nesters Food cravings Fast food salads: making smart and healthy choices Fruit and vegetable servings for children Full Liquid Diet Gluten-free MyPlate Health nuts: eating nuts may be healthful Healthful eating for teens on the run Healthful snacking: is it possible? Healthy drinks for kids Healthy snacks to prevent tooth decay in kids Improving nutrition in the elderly Is there such a thing as "junk food"? Just how much food is on that plate? Understanding portion control Kids and cholesterol: keeping cholesterol levels under control Limiting potassium in your diet Limiting your intake of sugar MyPlate for kids: food guidelines for children New ways to be "creative" in the kitchen Nutrition and menopause Supermarket savvy The best diet for you The DASH diet The ketogenic diet and epilepsy: does it really work? The Mediterranean diet and good health The truth behind nutrition folklore True or false: eating at night will make you gain weight Understanding what's on MyPlate Vegetarian diet for kids: a healthy choice? Vegetarian myths What is the glycemic index?

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