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Aging & Health Archive

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Treatment and Medication

Adult day care: good for caregivers and the people they care for Aging gracefully: reducing the risks of polypharmacy Animals and your health: pet-facilitated therapy Antibiotics: to prescribe or not prescribe? Are you taking drugs you don't need? Beyond primary care: choosing a medical specialist Boutique options offer greater choice in medical care Bypass surgery: good for your heart, but bad for your mind? Capsule endoscopy takes pictures of small intestine Catheter-directed thrombolysis: a new, less envasive approach to the treatment of DVT/PE Ceramic hip replacement devices Cost versus coverage Do's and dont's for prescription medications Driver beware: certain medications can impair your ability behind the wheel Drug interactions: what you need to know HIV treatment: the challenges for older adults Hormone replacement therapy: a look at the options Hospital stays: what you need to know How to choose a Medicare drug plan Implantable defibrillators save lives Medicare 101: The basics of federal health insurance Medication non-adherence and chronic conditions Medication questions? Ask the pharmacist Navigating the healthcare system: when you’re a senior (65+) Pain relief medications: are they good for you? Pandemic (H1N1) Influenza Vaccine: Questions and Answers Pill splitting can save money, but talk to your doctor first Spa treatment for your aching joints Statin drugs: not just for high cholesterol? Surgery at the doctor's office: what you need to know Talking to your doctor about your health The immune system and organ transplant: what you should know Tips for coping with mouth, gum, and throat problems related to radiation therapy Tips for preventing medical mistakes Too many pills on your plate? How to simplify your medication regimen Who's who in the white coat? Why you should be smoke-free for surgery

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