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Be Prepared Before You Get Sick

Keep Supplies at Home

Keep the following supplies at home to use in case someone gets the flu. Get these supplies before you or someone you care for gets sick. It can be hard to find the time or energy to go to the store to buy what you need when someone is sick.

  • A digital thermometer
  • Non-aspirin medications like Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen
  • Liquids such as water, fruit juice, soups and sports drinks
  • Soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizing gel
  • Food that is easy to digest (crackers, oatmeal, rice, etc.)
  • Extra supply of food, medicine or equipment for those with special needs
  • Cleaning supplies such as household disinfectant, paper towels, trash bags, etc.
  • The name and phone number of the family doctor

Be sure to check the expiration dates every six months.

Above content provided by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. For advice about your medical care, consult your doctor.

Posted December 2011

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