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Your Hearing is Your Lifeline to the World

By Dr. Donica Porter
Director of Audiology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Baby Boomers have for years been the trendsetters driving fashion design, auto design and technological advances. Today's Boomers in their 50s are at the peak of their careers, in their 60s are starting new companies, and in their 70s creating new relationships and formulating new goals directed at fun, relaxation, and retirement. It seems as if no one is standing still!

Preventive medicine is the byword in healthcare and we have become proactive instead of reactive. We are treating our bodies proactively with exercise programs, choosing healthy diets and watching our weight so that we can continue to work because we love it and because the current financial pressures demand it.

What does hearing have to do with it all?

Communication defines our humanity and is at the basis of all our human activity. Surprisingly, our ears and hearing are our lifeline to rest of the world. Our ears are connected to the body we are trying so hard to keep healthy.

Face it, as we grow older, those ears are growing older with the rest of us. Interestingly, how we hear and what we hear affects our cognition: our ability to think, process, and understand thoughts that are related to us as we speak and interact with others.

What do we need to do to assure healthy ears and hearing?

A good evaluation is a great start. Doctors of audiology are the diagnosticians educated to evaluate the hearing and balance systems. Like optometrists who evaluate vision, audiologists are prepared to diagnose the auditory system, determining where in the system hearing loss may exist. Because the organ of balance, the vestibular system, is a part of the auditory system, audiologists are responsible for evaluating dizziness and balance problems as well.

So, what if we find out we have some hearing loss?

We can take advantage of the dramatic advances in technology that have taken place just in the past year. This has been a year for amazing breakthroughs in new instrument technology that now offer spatial analysis of sound, identification of speech in noise, digital feedback control and integration of Bluetooth technology, to name just a few of the features available in digital hearing instruments. Packaged to be nearly invisible, these digital chips work automatically to provide exquisite listening comfort.

What does the research show?

  1. A recent study demonstrates that Baby Boomers who address their hearing needs earn more because they do not present a picture of inability to perform in their jobs.
  2. Those who address their hearing needs are less likely to appear cognitively impaired, a problem that may be seen as dementia.
  3. Exercise increases the amount of oxygen fed to our ears and our brain, increasing our understanding of the thoughts and words we hear.
  4. Hearing well decreases symptoms of depression caused by poor communication with friends and loved ones.
  5. Good healthcare keeps diseases like diabetes and hypertension from increasing adverse affects on the hearing system.

So stay in the game, have fun, dance, listen to music, and challenge yourself with activities that make you think. Stay healthy. Find a doctor of audiology who can open doors to all the new technologies available today. Life is enriched when we can communicate stress-free and remain at the top of our game.

Above content provided by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. For advice about your medical care, consult your doctor.

Posted July 2012

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