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Videos about Lifesaving Screenings

Jim Dalton's Story: Getting a Colonoscopy

Jim Dalton was surprised when a routine screening  colonoscopy found pre-cancerous polyps. He later learned colon cancer runs in his family. Learn who needs to be screened and why colonoscopy is so important.

Getting Your Man to the Doctor

Alicia High doesn't worry about getting her husband, Lester, to the doctor anymore. After losing his father to colon cancer, he realized that routine check ups can be a life saver. Dr. Jacques Carter discusses the benefits and frequency of regular doctor visits.

Annual Visits Help Seniors Stay Healthy

Mary Jane Bernier, a nurse for 45 years, knows the importance of seeing her doctor annually. At age 67, she makes it a priority to keep informed on the latest health information for her age group. Dr. Suzanne Salamone discusses why seniors should keep their annual doctor's appointments.

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Posted September 2010

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