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Questions to Ask Your OB

Bring this list of questions with you when you interview an obstetrician. Add questions of your own to it.

Remember, you want to feel comfortable with your obstetrician.

1. How long have you been practicing obstetrics and why did you decide this is the career for you?

2. Do you see patients in more than one location? What are your office days and hours?

3. If you are not here, who will I see if I need an appointment?

4. How much time do you allow for most appointments?

5. How can I reach you in an emergency?

6. If I have a question during off-hours, who do I ask? Do you have a phone number or e-mail system for these types of questions?

7. What hospital will I give birth at? Tell me about the positives and negatives of that hospital.

8. Are you a board-certified OB?

9. If I were to experience complications during my pregnancy, do you have specialists you refer to? If my baby were to experience complications, what would the procedure be?

10. What type of childbirth classes do you recommend?

11. Is it likely that you will deliver my baby or is probable that someone else will?

12. Are you comfortable working with a doula if I decide to have one?

13. What are your thoughts on natural child birth vs. those where pain meds are given?

For your own post-interview review:

  • Did you feel comfortable with this doctor?
  • Do you agree with his/her answers?
  • Did you feel like she/he took time to answer the questions thoroughly and honestly?
  • Do you feel this doctor will be a partner with you on the birth of your child?
  • While you were waiting to see the doctor, what was the atmosphere like? How long did you wait? Was the support staff friendly? When you called to make the appointment, were you put on hold for a long time?

Above content provided by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. For advice about your medical care, consult your doctor.

Posted September 2012

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