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High Risk Pregnancy

BIDMC To Start Using New Test For Gestational Diabetes

Starting September 1, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center will be among the first hospitals in the United States to begin using a new and improved test to screen and diagnose gestational diabetes in pregnant women. The new test is more sensitive and done in one step, rather than two steps as is the case with the test now in use. Read more »

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy
May Set Stage for Thyroid Problems Later

Scientists have found that a history of preeclampsia -- dangerously high blood pressure and a suite of other symptoms that complicate some pregnancies - can dramatically increase the likelihood that a woman will experience low thyroid function later in life. Read more »

No Easy Answers For Recurrent Miscarriage

It took Gretchen Siletto, 38, about seven months to get pregnant for the first time in 2002. Back then, she and her husband Joe thought that would be their biggest hurdle. They were wrong. In the eight years that followed, the Silettos endured a total of seven miscarriages, including the loss of that first pregnancy. But almost as devastating was the lack of diagnosis: Gretchen's doctors weren't sure why this kept happening. Read more »

Community Health Center Provides Care,
Compassion for Needy Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is an exciting time for most women, but it can also be stressful: you want to do what's best for your baby, stay healthy, and minimize any risks. But if you're also struggling to make ends meet, or don't understand the language spoken all around you, the challenges of pregnancy can be especially difficult. Read more »

Learn About High-Risk Pregnancy

Before a woman becomes pregnant, it is important for her to have good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Good prenatal care and medical treatment during pregnancy can help prevent complications. But there are factors that can be present before a woman becomes pregnant, that can cause a high-risk pregnancy. Read more »

Pregnancy and Crohn's Disease

Most women know it's best to be in good physical health before getting pregnant. For Elizabeth Kelly, that meant more than eating right and exercising - it meant bringing her Crohn's Disease under control. Read more »

NICU Programs Benefit Premature Babies & Their Parents

Jeanne McCarthy is known around the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical as the "Chief Cuddler." McCarthy has earned the nickname by being one of the best volunteers in the NICU cuddling program. The program provides volunteer "cuddlers" to interact with premature babies during times when their parents can't be at the hospital with them. Read more »

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