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Summer Health

Warm weather means getting out and enjoying the outdoors. Before going out for some fun in the sun, here are some ways to stay healthy this summer.

Family bicycling wearing helmetsStay Safe

» Enjoy the Great Outdoors Safely
» Bicycle Safety
» Boating Safety
» Water Safety 
» Stay Safe While Camping and Hiking
» The Facts on Hands-Only CPR
» Protect Your Ears from Loud Summer Sounds
» Your First-Aid Kit: What Should it Include?

VIDEOS: Summer Health
Video: Most Common Summer Mishaps
The Five Most Common Summer Mishaps
Video: The Dangers of Ticks
The Dangers of Ticks
Video: Weekend Warriors
Keeping Weekend Warriors Healthy
Video: How Do UV Rays Affect the Skin? How UV Rays Affect the Skin

Summer Wellness

tickIllness & Ailments

» Treating Common Summer Ailments
» How to Battle Summertime Allergies
» Lyme Disease: What You Need To Know 
» What to Do if You Are Bitten by a Tick 
» Should I be Concerned About West Nile Virus and EEEV?
» Bug Spray: What's Safe? What Works? 

SunscreenHeat & Sun Safety

» Hot Weather Health Emergencies 
» Preventing Heat-Related Illness 
» Skin Protection Tips 
» How to Treat Sunburn 
» Self-Tanning Products are Completely Safe
» Modest Sun Exposure a Good Way to Get Vitamin D Supply

Nutrition & Food SafetyFamily grilling

» 10 Easy Ways to Cut Calories
» Eating Healthy When Eating Out 
» Keep your Foods Safe This Summer 
» More Than Just Hot Dogs: Healthy Grilling Options
» Top Five "Must Have" Foods from Farmers' Markets
» Healthy Summertime Recipe: Fresh Basil Pesto
» Healthy Summertime Recipe: Marinated Cucumber Tomato Salad

Enjoy the Good Weather

» Keep Your Cool When Exercising in the Summer Heat 
People walking outside» Join the BIDMC Walking Club! 
» Develop Your Personal Walking Schedule 
» Invite Someone to Walk with You 
» Picking the Perfect Walking Shoe 
» Daily Walking Log
» Give Stress a Vacation

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Quiz: Summer Health

Summer is fun, but there are some health dangers to be aware of, too. How much do you know about mosquitos, ticks, sun safety and more? Strengthen your Summer Health smarts with this quiz!

Test your knowledge

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