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Preserve Spiritual Meaning In Your Life

Spirituality is often defined as the search for a personal sense of life's meaning, value and purpose.

Don't confuse spirituality with religion, says Rabbi Sara Paasche-Orlow of Hebrew SeniorLife. Religious faith, practice and involvement are simply one of many pathways to finding spiritual well-being in life.

Rabbi Sara suggests the following tips for helping to maintain spiritual meaning in your life:

  • Keep in touch with friends and family who make you feel good about yourself.

  • Help make life better for others by offering help where you can.

  • If you enjoy religious community, continue to attend services and stay involved.

  • Maintain meaningful religious practices and rituals.

  • Learn to live in peace and friendship with yourself and those around you.

  • Share your experiences with like-minded people.

  • Continue to enjoy hobbies and activities that give you pleasure.

  • Accept encouragement and praise from others.

  • Focus on what you are doing now, not what you'll be doing in the future.

  • Do not believe anyone who makes you feel less valued or claims your life has no meaning or purpose.

There is no formula for spirituality, says Rabbi Sara; rather, it is intensely personal, offering a sense of connection to something beyond ourselves.

Above content provided by Hebrew SeniorLife in partnership with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. For advice about your medical care, consult your doctor.

Posted July 2012

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