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Brain Health

The health and fitness of our brain can be vital to living a long, healthy life. Learn more about minimzing the effects of natural aging on the brain, as well as prevention and treatment methods for headaches, stroke and other brain and nervous system conditions.

the brainCaring for Your Brain

VIDEOS: Brain Health
Video: Learning About Alzheimer's Disease
Learning About Alzheimer's Disease
Video: The Brain's Role in Obesity The Brain's Role in Obesity 
Video: Using TMS to Treat Depression
Using TMS to Treat Depression
Video: Zumba for Parkinson's Disease Patients Zumba for Parkinson's Disease Patients
Video: Battling Migraines Battling Migraines

Headaches & Migraine

woman with headache» Can Weather Cause Headaches?
» Alternative Approaches to Treating Headaches 
» Learn Your Headache Triggers
» Secondary Causes of Headaches
» Medications that Help Prevent Headaches

» What is a Migraine?
» Migraine Myths
» Does Vitamin B2 Prevent Migraines? 
» Migraine and Pregnancy
» What is a Menstrual Migraine?
» Living with Migraine: A First-Person Account


» Types of Stroke
» Stroke Prevention: Risk Factors You Can and Can't Control
» Stroke Warning Signs
» Experimental Treatment Being Tested for Recovery from Stroke, Depression
» From Song to Speech: Teaching the Injured Brain New Tricks
» Stroke Striking Younger Adults

Alzheimer's Disease

» Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Statistics
» Can Alzheimer's Be Prevented?
» 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease
» New Technology Could Help Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease

Parkinson's Disease

» New Biomarker May Help Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease in Early Stages
» Deep Brain Stimulation Helps Control Parkinson's Symptoms
» Coping with Parkinson's Disease

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Brain Fit Club at BIDMC

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Headaches & Migraine »
Parkinson's Disease Center Wellness Programs

Parkinson's Disease Wellness Programs »

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Quiz: Headaches and Migraine

How much do you know about headaches and migraine? Take our quiz and find out!
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