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BIDMC's Health Notes

Healthy coupleThis section is intended to offer you helpful information about common health conditions and topics. The articles within each collection have been written by BIDMC physicians and/or staff members with the aim to better educate and keep you informed about your health.

Featured Health Notes Topic:
Sports Medicine & Fitness

Common Health Conditions and Topics
Your Health
Tests & Procedures

» Back Pain
» Bones and Joints
» Brain Health
» Chest Diseases
» Diabetes
» Gastrointestinal (GI) Health
» Halting Headaches
» Keeping Your Heart Healthy
» Men's Health
» Weight Loss

» Medical Imaging
» Screening Tests You Need
» Surgery & Surgical Innovations

For Women
Of Interest

» Breast Health
» Preparing for Pregnancy
» Women's Health

» First Aid & Emergencies 
» Living a Long, Healthy Life
» Sports Medicine
» Summer Health
» Stories of Hope
» Walking Club
» Winter Wellness & Well-Being

Information contained in these articles is provided by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for educational purposes only. For specific advice about your personal medical care, consult your doctor.