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BIDMC's Social Media Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). We invite you to interact with us through our social media tools, including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Because we believe in helping people stay healthy, much of the conversation on these sites revolves around healthy living — tips to help keep you well, new research on a variety of ailments, guidelines for disease prevention, the latest on screening tests and who needs them, and more. We look forward to any comments, stories, photos or any other relevant material you would like to post about these topics and about your own experiences at BIDMC.

Before you participate, please understand that all social media tools are public and that anything written or posted by you or others can be viewed by anyone with access to the site. We suggest you keep this in mind and do not post information about personal medical matters. Also, please note:

  • Postings must be relative to BIDMC. Postings that advertise events, products or services that BIDMC perceives as not relevant will be removed.
  • Please refrain from obscene, abusive or profane language. Any post deemed inappropriate by BIDMC's Communications department will be removed.
  • Personal attacks are not allowed. Any posting that Communications perceives is a personal attack on a member of the BIDMC community or on any person will be removed.
  • Postings that offer medical advice, especially those from a non-medical professional, may be harmful and thus will also be removed.

Other than a violation of these rules, BIDMC does not censor posts, but encourages open discussion and the resolution of issues. We look forward to hearing from you about health issues that concern you and your family and about your feelings/experiences here at BIDMC.