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  • A Healthy Start to the School Year

    Posted 8/30/2017 by smconsta

    Written by Kim D. Ariyabuddhiphongs, MD


    The signs are all around us. Days are getting shorter, nights are taking on a familiar chill and shops are advertising the latest fall trends. Yup, the dog days of summer are turning into the start of the school year. So how can you make sure your family starts the year off right? Below are six tips to help you make the grade.

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  • Eating Outdoors

    Posted 7/17/2017 by smconsta

    This blog post features Gary Visnick, Executive Chef at BIDMC

    Summer time is picnic time. It’s also barbeque time, camping time and eating s’mores in the backyard beneath the moon and stars time. But this combination of warm weather and outdoor fun can also be an opportunity for foodborne bacteria to thrive. Where foods heat up with the warmth of summer, bacteria have ideal conditions to grow. These tips from Gary Visnick, Executive Chef at BIDMC, will help you and all your outdoor guests stay safe from foodborne illness during the warm summer months.

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  • Safe Summer Grilling

    Posted 6/28/2017 by smconsta

    Written by James P. Phillips, MD

    In the life cycle of a year, summer grilling is a rite of passage. It’s a co-mingling of earth and fire that gives cause to mankind’s deepest instincts. It’s the resolution to a winter’s worth of anticipation. It’s the yummy in your tummy. But before inviting your friends and family over for hamburgers, tofu dogs, or veggies picked fresh from the garden, here’s a bit of advice to help make your summer get-together as safe as it is delicious. 

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  • Hydration Facts and Recipes for Hot Summer Days

    Posted 6/21/2017 by smconsta

    Written by Caroline Loveland, Volunteer, Nutrition Services at BIDMC

    Dehydration Facts

    Summer is in full swing, and as the temperatures rise so too does your risk of dehydration. Knowing how to prevent this potentially serious condition is an important part of summer safety. But staying hydrated isn’t always as easy as it seems. For example, did you know thirst isn’t always the first indicator of dehydration? More commonly people feel dizzy or tired before getting thirsty. Here are the facts.

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  • How to Beat the Heat

    Posted 6/13/2017 by smconsta

    This blog post features Airley E. Fish, MD, MPH, Cardiologist

    Hot Weather Tips

     Hot weather is here. That means it’s the perfect time to go for a swim, enjoy an ice cream or relax in a hammock while catching up on some summer reading. But before lathering on the sunscreen and heading outdoors, check out these important tips to help avoid heat stress when the temperatures soar.

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  • National Egg Month

    Posted 5/22/2017 by smconsta

    Looking for an easy way to eat healthier? Add eggs to your diet. May is National Egg Month. That means it is an egg-cellent time to get the facts on this versatile superfood and take a crack at some new recipes.

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  • Ticks and Lyme Disease

    Posted 5/17/2017 by smconsta

    Early spring is the start of tick season in New England. And regardless of whether you spend your weekends in the garden, coaching little league or walking your dog in the park, it’s important to learn about ticks so that you can protect yourself from the diseases they carry — including Lyme disease.

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  • The Flu Vaccine is the Best Defense Against the Influenza Virus

    Posted 5/11/2017 by etrinh

    Every year beginning around October, we find ourselves plunged into another flu season. Healthcare organizations ramp up communications; signs appear outside of neighborhood pharmacies; health centers promote public flu vaccine sessions; and almost half of the US population typically decides to get vaccinated.

    It isn’t too late to get the vaccine.  Getting the vaccine any time before the end of the flu season will decrease your risk.  It may decrease your chance of getting the flu by as much as 70 to 90 percent.

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  • Sensible Eating throughout the Year

    Posted 2/16/2017 by smconsta

    This blog post is written by Rob Davis, BS, Dietetic Intern

    So, you’ve decided to start eating healthier. Congrats! We’re with you! But eating healthy doesn’t mean biting off more than you can chew. In fact, sensible eating is all about making small, manageable changes over a steady period of time rather than taking on several big changes at once. What’s more, sensible eating doesn’t mean you need to follow a strict diet or adhere to any rigid menus or bizarre fads. Sensible eating is about finding uncomplicated strategies to eat well in ways that work with your lifestyle. It’s a practical approach to healthy change. Here’s how to get started.

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  • What to Know About a Lingering Cough

    Posted 2/1/2017 by smconsta

    This blog post is written by Mihir Parikh, MD, Division of Thoracic Surgery & Interventional Pulmonology

    Perhaps you’re reading this late at night, kept wide awake by a lingering cough that’s lasted well into its second week. You’ve tried all the normal remedies — gargling with salt water, spoonfuls of honey, mug after mug of delicious herbal tea — but nothing seems to help. So, should you be worried? Maybe not. Studies show that most coughs have an average duration of 18 days. But a cough that appears out of nowhere and lasts for more than a few weeks could be cause for concern. Here’s what you should know.

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