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  • Hydration Facts and Recipes for Hot Summer Days

    Posted 7/25/2016 by smconsta

    Written by Caroline Loveland, Volunteer, Nutrition Services at BIDMC

    Dehydration Facts

    Summer is in full swing, and as the temperatures rise so too does your risk of dehydration. Knowing how to prevent this potentially serious condition is an important part of summer safety. But staying hydrated isn’t always as easy as it seems. For example, did you know thirst isn’t always the first indicator of dehydration? More commonly people feel dizzy or tired before getting thirsty. Here are the facts.

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  • How to Beat the Heat

    Posted 7/19/2016 by smconsta

    This blog post features Airley E. Fish, MD, MPH, Cardiologist

    Hot Weather Tips

    July and August are the hottest months of the year. It’s the perfect time to go for a swim, enjoy an ice cream or relax in a hammock while catching up on some summer reading. But before lathering on the sunscreen and heading outdoors, check out these important tips to help avoid heat stress when the temperatures soar.

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  • Safe Summer Grilling

    Posted 6/29/2016 by smconsta

    Written by James P. Phillips, MD

    In the life cycle of a year, summer grilling is a rite of passage. It’s a co-mingling of earth and fire that gives cause to mankind’s deepest instincts. It’s the resolution to a winter’s worth of anticipation. It’s the yummy in your tummy. But before inviting your friends and family over for hamburgers, tofu dogs, or veggies picked fresh from the garden, here’s a bit of advice to help make your summer get-together as safe as it is delicious. 

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  • Changes on the way to the Nutrition Facts Label

    Posted 6/16/2016 by smconsta

    Written by Emma Falconer, BIDMC Dietetic Intern

    You probably know there's added sugar in candy, soda and ice cream. But what about ketchup? Yogurt? Canned vegetables? It might come as a surprise, but a recent study found that over 60 percent of packaged food and drink items contain added sugar. Scary, right? That’s why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is creating a new nutrition facts label — to make it easier to understand exactly how much added sugar is in your favorite foods.

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  • Tick Bites and Lyme Disease

    Posted 6/7/2016 by smconsta
    This blog features Jonathan Edlow, MD, Emergency Medicine

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  • How Can I Strengthen My Lower Back?

    Posted 5/13/2016 by smconsta

    Exercise advice from the Tanger Be Well Center at BIDMC 

    About 80 percent of adults experience lower back pain at some point in their life. That’s a big deal! In fact, lower back pain is the second most common reason people cite for missing work — second only to the common cold. But here’s the good news. Through simple stretching and exercise, you can: strengthen your back, lower the risk of pain, improve posture, and reduce the risk of further injury. Check out the following exercises to help get “back in shape!”

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  • A New Frontier in the Fight Against Cancer

    Posted 4/25/2016 by smconsta

    Q&A with Dr. Frank Slack

    Until recently, non-coding RNA was considered “junk” material, a wasted space for researchers to explore. But within just the past few years, that attitude is changing, and non-coding RNA is starting to be recognized as a potentially important tool in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. Health First recently sat down with Dr. Frank Slack, Director of the Institute for RNA Medicine at BIDMC, to learn about the potential for non-coding RNA to revolutionize healthcare.

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  • Hip Flexor Stretch

    Posted 4/22/2016 by smconsta

    Exercise advice from the Tanger Be Well Center at BIDMC


    If you’re a part of the vast majority of working Americans who sit for long portions of their day, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced back pain. In fact, the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that work-related musculoskeletal problems make up 32 percent of all worker injury and illness. 32 percent! But there’s some good news too. Simple stretches can help prevent injuries and keep you on your game at work. One such recommended stretch is the ‘hip-flexor stretch.’

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  • Allergies to Insect Stings

    Posted 4/8/2016 by smconsta

    This blog post is written by Kristin Sokol, MD, Allergy Medicine

    If you’re like me, you probably love spring — the promise of warm weather, the kaleidoscope of colors, and a chance to finally get outside and plant seeds in a garden that’s been dormant for months. But along with the season’s warmth and excitement, there are reasons to be cautious too, especially if you’re one of the nearly 2 million Americans allergic to insect stings. 

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  • Organic Fruits and Vegetables: Are They Worth the Expense?

    Posted 3/30/2016 by smconsta

    By Becky Jay and Arete Pappas, BIDMC Dietetic Interns

    When strolling down the produce aisle of the supermarket, you may find yourself asking a difficult question: Organic or conventional? The answer is trickier than it seems. Yes, organics likely contain fewer pesticide residues than their conventionally grown counterparts, but they can also cost substantially more. So, what’s the right choice? Here are a few things to consider. 

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