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Are You Walking the Walk?

Family walking togetherAre you walking with your kids, your friends, your dog?

Send us a picture of you enjoying a walk, and we'll post it at!

E-mail your photos to us at

Please include:

  • Your name (and the name(s) of anyone else in the photo)
  • Your city and state
  • Where and when you like to walk

We'll let you know if we post your pic! Please read the following disclaimer before submitting any photos.

Photo Disclaimer
Those submitting photos must be 18 years of age or older. By sending a photo, you authorize Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) to use and display the photo on this website,, at our discretion, for an indefinitel period of time. You further guarantee that you own all rights to the photo and that the photo is of yourself and/or that you have permission of all pictured to submit it. As a photograph contains identifiable information, all parties involved release BIDMC of all privacy concerns in posting the photo to our website. You understand that BIDMC cannot prevent photos from being copied from the website and that BIDMC cannot control the future use of the photo once it has been downloaded or leaves BIDMC's control. Accordingly, you hereby hold BIDMC harmless if a photo is copied and used elsewhere, outside of BIDMC's control. You may revoke this authorization at any time by written request to, and your photo will be removed from the BIDMC website. The revocation will not apply to any uses or disclosures that have occurred pursuant to the authorization up to the time of revocation.

Posted May 2014

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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
The Walking Club

Join the BIDMC Walking Club!

You know walking is good for you — it's easy, fun, and (best of all) free! So join the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Walking Club!




When you sign up, you'll receive your official membership wristband and access to our online walking materials, as well as tips and motivational messages to keep you going.