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Just the Facts

Winter Skin Care

Summertime isn't the only time to be concerned about protecting your skin. Winter's dry, frigid air can damage your skin and make you wish you lived somewhere warmer. But there are some simple ways to save your skin from winter's wrath. Click here for some helpful hints on winter skin care from BIDMC Dermatologist Dr. Rachel Reynolds.

Winter Skin Care Facts from Dr. Rachel Reynolds, BIDMC Dermatologist

  1. WINTER WALLOPS SKIN'S MOISTURE - The dry cold air of winter and hot dry air of indoor heating deplete the skin of it's natural oils and moisturizers, leaving it dry, cracked and itchy.
  2. HUMIDIFY FOR HAPPY SKIN - Humidified air is less likely to deplete the skin of it's natural moisturizers, so use a humidifier to bring moisture back into the air and avoid heat sources like forced hot air or wood-burning stoves.
  3. SKIN LIKES IT LUKEWARM - Avoid hot showers, hot tubs and chlorinated pools (the chemicals contribute to skin's dryness). Lukewarm water is best for your skin.
  4. SOAK AND SEAL - When bathing, use gentle, moisturizing soap or body wash and apply a moisturizing cream to the skin immediately after bathing, an approach referred to as "soak and seal." Moisturizing creams are more effective than lotions and are preferable to managing dry skin in the winter.
  5. SUNSCREEN FOR EVERY SEASON - The sun is still strong enough all winter to cause burning and damage to the skin, so wear sunscreen every day, especially when enjoying outdoor activities at high altitudes.