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April / May 2009

Medical news, inspiring stories, and more!

Health Topics: Calorie Restriction: Can eating less lead to a longer life?

At first glance, Zac Culliton appears to be your average 30-year old. Newly married, working his job at a publishing company, and playing his bass guitar in a band on the weekends. But sit down for a meal with him, and you notice there's something different. He doesn't order a beer, a burger, or French fries like most men his age might. Zac's dinner is a small plain chicken breast, steamed vegetables, and water - not much for his 5'9" frame. Zac is on a calorie-restricted diet. He consumes between 1,500 and 1,600 calories per day - much less than the 2,000-2,500 calories most average Americans consume each day.

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Leading Edge: ERCP

Aimee Comeau has suffered from pancreatitis since she was a child. Painful abdominal cramps made it challenging for her to lead the active lifestyle she enjoyed. But a minimally invasive procedure at BIDMC called ERCP is giving Aimee and many others new hope for a healthy future by allowing doctors to diagnose and treat their intestinal disorders at the same time.

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MD Corner: Q&A About Celiac Disease

with Melinda Dennis, RD LDN, The Celiac Center at BIDMC

Celiac disease is one of the most common chronic health disorders in the United States, causing stomach pain and affecting the eating habits of some 3 million Americans. But it often goes undiagnosed.

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Health & Hope: Dave's Story

When Dave deBronkart found out he had advanced kidney cancer, the diagnosis was grim. But this software engineer didn't give up hope. A seeker of information, he went on to the internet to learn from others with cancer and started a blog to chronicle his journey back to health.

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The Heart of BIDMC: The Two Caring Sides of Joan Pickett

Most days you can find Joan Pickett in her office, working the phones and running meetings as Senior Director of Planning and Business Development at BIDMC. But some days Joan takes off her business hat, grabs her dog leash and brings her adorable West Highland Terrier named Mac to visit with patients at the hospital. That's because Joan is also a volunteer dog handler with BIDMC's Caring Canines program.

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Health Headlines

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Just the Facts

The 10 Best Foods You Probably Aren't Eating

From the Nutrition Services Department at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

These healthy foods are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. They're also easy to find in most grocery stores, so make sure they find their way into your shopping cart. In some cases, frozen vegetables may be just as or more nutritious than fresh.

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