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For BIDMC Investigators

The Director and staff of the Technology Ventures Office (TVO) are available to consult with faculty and staff on any topic related to intellectual property, technology development and industry relations. Please feel free to call, e-mail or stop by the Technology Ventures Office with your questions and ideas, or for general information.

Our Services to You

  • TVO evaluates, patents, markets, and licenses BIDMC faculty inventions.
  • TVO manages patent prosecution, and negotiates license, option, corporate sponsored research, material transfer, and confidentiality agreements.
  • TVO distributes royalty income derived from technology transfer among inventors, their laboratories, their departments, Research Fund, and the Medical Center's general fund according to BIDMC policy.

Material Transfer Agreements

If you are interested in "Borrowing" or "Lending" materials from/to another academic institution or company, you would need a material transfer agreement (MTA) for the protection of the intellectual property and publishing rights.

To see MTA Process Flow Chart please click here.

Invention Disclosure Form

Do you have an idea you think might be patentable or of commercial value?  Please complete the Invention Disclosure Form and send to the TVO before you publish anything about your idea. Read this to learn more about patents and intellectual property.

Confidentiality Agreement

If you want to discuss your research ideas or share some confidential information with the industry, you would need a Confidentiality Agreement during the period a company or another institution is evaluating the idea or information. It is important to set-up a confidentiality agreement prior to the company meeting or company evaluation of your proprietary ideas.  Please contact us for additional information.

Licensing Agreements

Once a patent is filed the TVO markets the invention and negotiates a license agreement. To see marketing flow chart please click here.The TVO also negotiates license agreements for non-patented research tools, such as reagents, software, and know-how.  Please contact us for additional information.

Contact Information

Technology Venture Office
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
330 Brookline Ave, BR-2
Boston, MA 02215