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3T and 1.5T Scanners

3T Scanner

This research division has a GE 3T whole-body scanner and a GE 1.5T whole body scanner completely dedicated to research both of which are located on the East campus. Both scanners are FDA approved and operate with current state-of-the-art hardware and software including higher order shimming. In addition we have access to proprietary software including pulse programming environments and reconstruction programs.

The 3T system has product high-speed imaging/echo planar imaging capabilities. Support for fMRI acquisition and stimulus presentation, diffusion tensor imaging, and high quality anatomic imaging is available. The system has specialized receiver coils for sensitive imaging of particular anatomy including prostate, carotids, knees, and spine. Additional customized coils can be manufactured in our RF lab. The system also has full broadband capability for multinuclear MRI and MRS, including (F-19, C-13, P-31, and Na-23).

The 1.5 T scanner operates with current state-of-the-art hardware and software including higher order shimming. In addition we have access to proprietary software and developmental data acquisition and reconstruction programs. This scanner is equipped with a 32 channel receiver system and 32 element coils. A focus of this system is highly accelerated imaging of the body for reduced motion and realization of functional contrast.

Both scanners are equipped with Medrad power injectors for contrast administration and physiologic patient monitors. Patient monitoring within both magnets includes non-invasive measures of heart rate, blood pressure, pulse-oximetry, and end tidal CO2 levels and 40 channel EEG recording.

Additional Services

Our facility can also provide or facilitate Clinical Reading, Image Management, Image Post-processing, MRI Compatible Equipment, Computerized image transfer of multi-center trial data and Site certification.

Cardiac MR


The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Cardiac MR Center is a joint effort of the Departments of Medicine (Cardiovascular Division) and Radiology. Established in the Spring of 1995, it was one of the very first MR Centers specifically focused on cardiovascular MR. The primary goals of the Cardiac MR Center are the development and clinical application of MR imaging to the cardiovascular system. The Center has specific interest in coronary MR angiography and MR assessment of ventricular function and valvular heart disease. The Center is also committed to the education and training of interested researchers and clinicians. Funding for the Cardiac MR Center is provided by grants from the NIH/NHLBI, American Heart Association, industry, private foundations, and Individual contributions. BIDMC's Cardiac MR Center is a world leader in the development and clinical use of cardiac MR for coronary artery imaging, and for assessing cardiomyopathies and viability, pericardial disease and congenital heart disease. The center features a state-of-the-art 1.5T dedicated Philips Cardiac MR system. For additional information, please contact Warren J Manning, MD, Director, Cardiac MRI at

Preclinical MRI Core

The facilities for NMR spectroscopy and MRI studies of cell culture, perfused organ, excised tissue, and in-vivo small animal protocols. For additional information, please visit the Preclinical MRI Core site.

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