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Cine of Kidneys

The MRI division at BIDMC integrates clinical expertise with innovative scientific research. The group is actively engaged in enhancing the diagnostic value of MR imaging through the pursuit of fast imaging approaches, 3D volumetric imaging techniques and physiologic imaging. MR angiography, MR diffusion / perfusion and MR spectroscopy are areas of special expertise and dedicated whole body research systems at 1.5T and 3.0T, as well as smaller bore 4.7T and 8.5T systems, provide ample opportunities for current and new research programs. The strong collaborations with world-renowned clinicians, clinical scientists and basic scientists throughout the institution represent a unique and compelling feature of our program. Welcome!

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MR imaging and technical expertise: general information

David Alsop, PhD
Director, Division of MR Research

MR imaging and clinical expertise: general information

Martin P. Smith, MD

3T and 1.5T scanners

MRI Research Manager

Cardiac MR center

Warren J Manning, MD
Director, Cardiac MRI

Center for Basic Research

Deborah Burstein, PhD
Director, Center for Basic Research

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