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In Vivo Optical Imaging Laboratory

Current Research

The In Vivo Optical Imaging Laboratory has made several significant advances during the past 12 months both at the micro- and macroscopic levels.

Under Matthew Palmer's direction, the whole-animal optical imaging system is now fully functional and has the ability to image live animals throughout the entire spectrum from visible to the near-infrared light. This has permitted several exciting studies to be performed including the evaluation and imaging of new liver and bone probes, the ability to track lymphocyte cell movements in different body compartments, and to measure cerebrospinal fluid motion.

Under the direction of Jonathan Kruskal, the optical microscopy laboratory has continued to explore individual molecular events during formation of liver metastases from human colon cancer, and has documented the sequence of events leading to onset of angiogenesis in these liver tumors. A new and very exciting focus has been the use of conventional ultrasound to enhance delivery of drugs into liver metastases.

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